We Come in with What We Need
by Etaoqua

August 13, 2023

     Originally published as August 2023 Medecine Pauwau NL.

      We come into matter with everything we need. We either have it or it is with friends, acquaintances or relatives.

      Much of the advanced technology we enjoy in current times is modelled on human physical traits. Block chain technology, e.g., is based on DNA and the way we humans remember. Computers are copies of the way the brains work, including multi-tasking and multi-processing. Do you know we have at least three computer processing units in the physical body? They are the cranial, the cardiac and the gut.

      It is openly acknowledged that we are made in the image of the Divine. How? The Divine is Spirit. It is our Spirit, our Soul, which is in the Divine image.

      The Soul creates the Body to live in while expressing itself in matter. The body is comprised of the Personality which mirrors Soul in the abilities to know and to choose in the material, as well as other physical parts. The Personality communicates with Soul and learns to cooperate with Soul and others.

      Personality has several parts: the Intellect, the Ego, the Memory and the Mind. Unfortunately, all are capable of being corrupted including Personality who is otherwise responsible for the welfare of the physical being. Personality oversees the training of its parts.

      Intellect is what knows and reasons. Ego protects the Intellect, vey important in these times when so many have little respect for others. Memory is carried in brain tissues as well as in the DNA. The Mind, the Consciousness, is also shared with the Soul and the rest of the body.

      Consciousness is shared with all Creation. There is one consciousness. This is how we are one.

      We are individually aware of certain things. We recognize that most of our experiences are true, especially that we have experienced them. We are aware that others may have different experiences. We are conscious of them. These different experiences enable us to see that there are many facets of existence.

      In the present time, it is much easier to recognize the veracity of what we are told without having personally experienced it due to the planetary increase in energy levels. However, acceptance varies with individuals. Some accept the increase in energy, frequency, while others do not. And the degree of acceptance varies with our readiness to accept and integrate new information. This is the work of Personality.

      We are constantly presented with new data. Do we recognize it as true? How does it fit in with what we have previously accepted as fact? This is the job of the Intellect. And the Heart. The Heart can more easily recognize truth.

      We create Heart-Intellect Coherence via our breath. We relax by inhaling and exhaling, taking longer on the exhale. This tells the body it’s ok to relax. There’s no need for “flight or fight” action. As we relax, our frequency rises. We see better. Other steps which increase our Heart harmony are gratitude, non judgment and forgiveness. As we practice these, the Heart and Intellect (Brain) become coherent.

      Sometimes we recognize that we have been previously incorrect. At times, we see there is a mixture of fact and fiction. We sort it out, seek verification as needed and build a new picture.

      There are ones who have a vested interest in certain scenarios which are neither true, nor beneficial. These must be dismissed if we are to live true.

      Ego, as originally intended, protects us in these circumstances. Ego reminds us who we are and why we are here. Ego tells us we are worth it. Ego does not compare us to others. That is false. Comparisons may be useful only in determining the best way to use resources in the time allotted for the good of all.

      If one's Ego does not function as designed, one needs to work with Ego until it does. In the meantime, give it jobs to do and follow Soul Voice.

      The best way for humans to function in matter is through cooperation of all its parts with Soul.

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