The Body as the Temple of the Higher Self
by Maureen Kelley

July 21, 2023, upd 8/23/23

     The Body as the Temple of the Higher Self?

      A human body is a multi-layered field. The innermost layer is the physical body, the part that we see with our eyes. The outer layers [the aura] are energetic and not commonly seen with human eyes yet. They may be felt.

      It may be useful to consider what comprises the Body. It is a combination of energy and matter. Recent estimates are that it contains about 50 to 100 trillion cells with each cell capable of generating 0.7 to 1.4 volts of electricity. It is about 70% water.

      The Body consists of the Personality [Mind, Ego, Intellect], the Heart, the Body’s Mind, brains, nervous systems, endocrine system, circulatory systems, lungs, gastrointestinal tract, liver, pancreas, gall bladder, skeleton, skull, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, arms, legs, fingers and toes, joints, muscles, ligaments, hair and all the other parts we can see and/or feel.

      Note that a number of parts, such as brains and systems are plural. We have, for example, the cranial, the heart [cardiac] and the gut [enteric] brains.

      And there is DNA, hormones, enzymes, mitochondria, etc., which we do not see.

      The body is constantly repairing and regenerating itself. If substances are regularly supplied to the body as food and/or supplements, it stops making them and may even forget how. If a substance is suddenly restricted, the body goes into emergency status [panic mode] for that ingredient and revs up production which may be seen as increased blood levels. The body’s favorite repair time is when the Personality is sleeping.

      Personality may not be thought of as physical by all. It is. It is the conscious connection between the Higher Self and the Body. It consists of Mind, Intellect, Ego and is influenced by the conditions of the body, especially the endocrine system. Hormones, enzymes and vitamins are all catalysts which control bodily functions. Hormones relate primarily to emotions, and enzymes to digestion. Vitamins are more generalists. They help maintain health and enable body functions such as in using energy, building immunity, maintaining free flowing systems, etc. The activities of all three catalyst types influence the Personality.

      The Personality is responsible for the Body. It has free expression. It has the ability to know [Intellect] and to choose. The Personality can override Soul Voice. The Higher Self expresses itself through the actions of the Personality.


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